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LIFE 101
With Devout, members can create a legacy with their Church and community.

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance is an agreement between you and a life insurance company.

You agree to pay them and in turn, they provide you with insurance coverage. The coverage usually involves a payment to your chosen beneficiary. It can depend on the policy, but often, you pay for a promise that the insurance company may never fulfill. Devout’s policy does the opposite.

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Devout's Policy

Devout reimagined life insurance to benefit Christians. We use permanent life insurance with a variation. Unlike typical life insurance policies, Devout benefits Churches directly and uniquely. Churches are:

(1) Named as the beneficiary of the policy, so they receive your legacy benefit.

(2) Receive ownership of the policy, so they get access to the cash value account, opening up new benefits.

The consequence is something to be proud of: Churches regrow their financial health, expand to greater heights and can remain the backbone of American Judeo-Christian values.