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How to Accomplish Multiplication in this Economy

June 3, 2022

The market is in the red. The economy is uncertain, and Americans are watching interest rates soar. Financial circumstances worry church leaders across the country about how to accomplish church planting and greater multiplication. For example, a Devout church partner in North Carolina specified that it would be too difficult to plant a new church because interest rates almost doubled!

Fortunately, Devout presents a solution! With Devout, churches don't need to borrow funds from investors or lenders! Churches only borrow against themselves. Think of what that means: churches don't even need to repay the loan if they don't want to.

Devout facilitates charity through insurance. Now:

  1. Tax-deductible policies purchased by members build church endowments. $25 per month can equal $30,000 in a legacy benefit.
  2. The policies build cash value through permanent life insurance. The policies are an asset that Churches can add to their balance sheet.

Click here to see how Devout builds assets for Churches.

** Devout church partners don't pay any fees.