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Devout vs. Other types of Asset-Based Giving

March 24, 2022

Cash giving has always been the most popular method of giving to Churches. But studies are showing that cash giving is rapidly declining.

The decline of cash giving is causing great concern. But Church leaders know that God will provide a strong future for Christianity in America and beyond. 

So, Church leaders are looking at the opportunities placed before us. The highest growing method of giving is asset-based. In fact, 91% of American families' wealth comes from assets rather than on-hand liquidity. Asset-based giving includes estate planning (wills), real estate holdings, and stock holdings. Hopefully, members might grant their Church part of the proceeds from the sale or disposition of those assets. 

Devout designed its product to make asset-based giving easier, more common, and more impactful. Devout was not designed to replace cash giving.

How Devout is different?

1. Easier Ask

Asking members for donations is hard. Maybe it seems uncomfortable, intrusive, and even awkward. So why would Church leaders ask members to look into their personal holdings and most sensitive documents? 

Devout facilitates an asset-based transfer that does not ask members about sensitive details. Churches are not the financial wealth managers for their members, so while other types of asset-based giving require financial expertise, Devout does not. Members only need to go onto a fast and easy-to-use platform.

2. No Fees or Hidden Costs

Devout is free for Churches. Plus, while other types of transfers require legal work for Churches and members, Devout does not. And let us specify: Devout does not reach out to your members; we have no agents. Devout is a tool that Church leaders can use to increase their Church’s financial health.

3. Fast and Immediate Impact

Devout takes members under 3 minutes to contribute to their Church. Other forms of transactions can take months, if not years. Imagine all the paperwork, legal, and tax compliance involved with real estate and wills. Members also may wait years to make such gifts, doing so in their final years. 

Compare this with Devout:

  1. Devout requires no paperwork or legal help. 
  2. Members can contribute at any age. 
  3. Churches receive an immediate impact because of the cash value accounts.

4. More Accessible and More Common

If your member can give assets to your Church in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we, of course, encourage you to do that. No one would tell you otherwise. Devout does not offer asset-based giving in those amounts. We provide an opportunity for most Americans and members to contribute to their Church using an asset-based approach. Our amounts are more affordable and can expand your donor pool. Members who cannot contribute in incredibly expensive ways will also feel that they can make a substantial impact.